Email Inquires

Customer service emails are essential to provide answers to your customer’s questions.

Our representatives translate their customer service skills from the phone to email. We serve as your voice and work with you to develop email templates for your frequently asked questions and customer inquiries.

We’ll also provide reporting on email inquiries to help you make critical business decisions.

Why engage customers through email?

Customer engagement is the emotional connection between your customer and your brand. Studies have shown that engaged customers buy more, promote more, and develop more loyalty to a specific brand.

  • Quality monitoring of emails
  • Email history tied to the customer’s account
  • Speedy email response times (average of 4 hours)
  • A casual, friendly tone
  • Client template creation
  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Dispositions – identify what your customers are asking about

Multichannel Emails

Types of emails to consider:

  • Order confirmation, shipping, and tracking
  • Order issue/resolution
  • Return labels and return merchandise authorization
  • Custom responses to customer inquiries
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Order reminder emails