4 Solutions for Your Customer Service Woes

It’s not easy managing customer service. With phone, email, Facebook, live chat, and many more communications methods, your customer service function might not be able to keep up. Plus, managing customer services like a pro is a whole profession of its own!

Outsourcing to a one-stop customer service provider allows you to focus on research and development and maximizing sales.

Here are four customer service headaches solved by outsourcing:

  1. Difficulty in hiring customer service agents. Customer service personnel are not easy to recruit and retain. It’s about finding the right personality, long-term stability, language and technology skills, and a sense of urgency and responsiveness. When you outsource, your provider will work with you to determine the right skill set needed for your customer service function. Many providers offer dedicated staffing, so if your needs are more complex or high-volume, you know you’ll have highly trained associates on your team. When your customer service needs experience unexpected spikes, your provider will scale to match. When you outsource, hiring difficulties are left to your outsourcing professionals.  
  2. Labor-intensive training and management. Once you’ve hired your customer service staff, now you need to train and manage them. Proper training is critical to ensure your agents provide outstanding service. Then, you need to monitor their performance and have systems in place for when they run into trouble. Someone has to be available for issue escalation and oversight. When you outsource, your provider will evaluate your unique needs and develop a custom training program for your agents. Look for a provider that records and monitors 100 percent of customer service interactions to ensure you can check up on their work. When you outsource, your role in customer service will change to become more focused on the big picture rather than dealing with the little details.
  3. Lack of customer service software and industry tools. When you set up your new customer service function, you may have selected tools based on price. This means there are likely tools out there that would meet your needs far better, but your budget prevented it. Here’s where outsourcing can be a total game-changer. When you outsource, your provider will have enterprise tools and talented managers who know how to use them. You’ll get to upgrade your customer service experience with best-in-class industry software that matches your budget.
  4. Your customer service agents don’t generate value. One overlooked area for in-house customer service teams is looking at interactions from a sales perspective. Upselling and cross-selling can boost sales. If you select a provider that also specializes in sales, ask them to look for ways your customer service function can generate sales and add value to your bottom line.

When you call in the experts and outsource your customer service function, your customers will be delighted, and you’ll be relieved of those pesky issues. Professionals with specialized knowledge and access to enterprise tools will help your business maximize revenue.

Are you ready to upgrade your customer service function to world-class? Let’s chat!