Workforce Management & Scheduling

Workforce Management & Scheduling

Attrition & Turnover

Call centers tend to have high rates of attrition and turnover. Not only is this costly, but it reduces the customer service experience with continuously new and inexperienced reps providing service.

Speed Answer’s labor pool is hand-selected through our extensive recruitment and screening process. Each representative receives more than 160-hours of initial training plus regular ongoing refresher courses. Our quality assurance process involves call playback and active listening. Calls are scored and reviewed with our representatives to provide feedback on their performance. Consumer complaints are handled quickly and using the escalation process outlined by our clients. Our management team meets regularly with clients to calibrate our services to match their expectations. 

Stability in staffing:

  • Deepens each representative’s skills in customer service with your customers. 
  • Proves advantageous to client’s business by sharing key learnings and transferring skills among client programs.
  • Longevity provides a path to leadership and long-term career development. 
  • Indicates happy, positive employee experiences and is a barometer of a call center as a workplace. 
  • Lends itself to maintaining institutional memory, knowledge of best practices, mistakes to avoid, vendors to trust, and other secrets learned after decades in the business. 

Avoid the pains of call center turnout. Outsource to the pros!


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