Our Technology

Built for e-commerce, Sigma Commerce is our proprietary order management software that serves as an end-to-end solution.

Our technology provides a real-time view of your orders, customers, and inventory. Our system allows a single database to house information from all areas of your ecommerce business – from order management to website hosting and infrastructure.
We believe you should have the freedom to use whatever ecommerce technology that works best for your business.

That is why we’ve invested so heavily into building an API that makes interacting with your inventory and orders incredibly easy. Our ecommerce technology is the retailer’s foundation for efficiency and performance visibility. We use the same tools for fulfillment clients that we’ve used for decades to manage some of the most recognizable brands in retail.


With our outsourced solutions your ecommerce, business runs on a fully integrated order management system, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience for you and your customers. We use our technology for you to deliver a hands-off service that just makes sense. Order fulfillment clients benefit from the technology without the hassles.

Secure & Reliable

Sigma Commerce technology platform is hosted in a hardened data center able to withstand up to an F5 tornado. Our data center facility is highly redundant, making use of multiple telecommunication entrances, power feeds from multiple substations, cooling plants, uninterruptable power supplies, and backup power generators with 60 hours of fuel reserves. Our hosting facility also utilizes 3-factor authentication for physical security as well as video surveillance and 24/7 NOC monitoring.

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